About us

We are Frank and Petra, owners of LongTerm Car Rental Curaçao. We took over the car rental company on Curaçao from the previous owner, Irma, on November 1, 2019.

Car rental on Curaçao has grown considerably in recent years and LongTerm Car Rental is doing so well that we want to continue the way Irma has been working. Frank will be taking care of the daily operations, while Petra will be more active in the background.

Because you won’t be able to fully enjoy your time in Curaçao without a car, we are usually one of the first people you meet. We have already had contact via email and / or app before you arrive.  It doesn’t stop there: We like to tell you more about the island of Curaçao, the nice things to do here, that one special restaurant, that great happy hour at the beach bar or that beach where the sunset is just a little bit more beautiful!

Our cars

Our rental cars are low-mileage, recently and well-maintained compact cars (Kia Picanto, Hyundai Atos, etc) in various colors.

Although they look small, they are surprisingly spacious 4 person cars. We often hear positive reactions from tall customers about the available space.

Our fleet includes both manual shift as well as automatic transmissions.

rEBECCA VAN BRECHT ...                        (THE NETHERLANDS)

"Super nice car rental! They think along and always have great ideas to get the best out of Curacao during your stay.
The contact was smooth and relaxed via whatsapp.
The cars are well maintained and communication is good.
Definitely a must if you go to Curacao!! We will no longer book with anyone else! So see you next year!"

gALITH GARMY ....                        (THE NETHERLANDS)

"Fast but above all great service and a perfect car. Extensive explanation of the do's and don'ts on the road. But also tips about nice beaches and where to eat. We will definitely book here again next time!"