Because we often get the same questions, we have listed the answers to the most frequently asked questions below.


* How old do I have to be to rent with you?

  • Anyone 18 years of age or older in possession of a valid driver's license is allowed to rent a car with us.

* Why do I have to pay a deposit?

  • Our rental cars are all-risk insured. That means insured against all non-recoverable damage. The insurance company applies a mandatory deductible. If, for example, you cause damage, we have to pay the deductible to the insurance company in order to have the damage repaired or to have the damage paid out. The deposit you pay is therefore also intended to cover your deductible.

* How much is the deposit?

  • If you are 23 years or older the deposit is ANG 600 (€ 350 / US$ 350). if you are younger it is ANG 1000. (€ 550 / US$ 600)

* When does the rent have to be paid and why?

  • We will give you one of our precious rental cars, in exchange of which, of course, rent has to be paid. This rent has to be paid in advance, unless you rent long term (i.e. > 2 months) and we have agreed that you can pay monthly. In that case, you pay the monthly amount before the start of the following month.

* Can't the rent and the deposit be settled?

  • No, settlement is not possible; If you cause damage, we will use your deposit to have the car repaired or to pay the deductible at the insurance company. However, the rent must also be paid. So, rent and deposit are really separate costs. If you haven't made any damage during your rental period and return the car at the agreed date and time, the full deposit will of course be refunded to your account.

* Can you deliver the car to HATO airport or to my accommodation address?

  • It is forbidden for car rental companies that are not based at the airport to conduct any business there. We can get high fines for this and that is why we don't. Next to that, the daily operations of the car rental are performed by one person and therefore we cannot deliver cars on location.

* In that case, can you pick us up at HATO airport?

  • No, for the same reason as mentioned we can't. We can pick you up at your accommodation address and take you to the rental car.

* Do you also have other / bigger cars?

  • No, at the moment our fleet only consists of compact cars (Kia Picanto ? Hyundai Atos etc)

* Do you only rent manual transmission cars?

  • We have both manual as well as automatic transmissions. If you prefer an automatic transmission please indicate that in your application.

BElinda kobus ....                        (The netherlands)

"Contact with LongTerm Car Rental Curaçao went perfectly via WhatsApp. We agreed to be picked up and dropped off at our holiday address. Frank provided us with all the necessary information and then we left with the Kia Picanto. Neat car and it has done great service for three weeks. The day of return we were driven back and 2 days later the deposit was refunded to our account. Super company and Frank is a nice man that you can have a fun chat with."

jada felicia getrouw ....               (the netherlands / curacao)

"Great company.
Upon arrival on the island, we could rent a car at short notice from the friendly owner for a very reasonable price. The owner not only thinks about the company, but also about the customers. In case of questions or uncertainties, we received an almost immediate answer. The owner also gives useful tips for the island itself. The clean car is well maintained and felt safe.
Thanks for the great service!
Longterm is a must!"